Q & A’s

01. I don’t have much experience with technology and live virtual classes. Is this for me?

Yes, absolutely we will arrange for test connections, send instructions and guide you through the process. Supporting teachers to deliver in this format is all part of what we do!

02. Who will deliver the unit to my class?

The Create Your Own Character Unit is currently delivered by our experienced NEO-Learning educators. This gives you as the teacher the opportunity to co-learn the content with your class.  All NEO-Learning educators have current Working with Children Checks.

03. What technology do I need?

You will require an internet connection and a device to view the live virtual class. There are 3 main types of connections we offer:

  1. A live virtual class delivered to your classroom – For this you’ll need a computer with an inbuilt mic and camera and smart board or screen preferably with a camera and speakers. We make these connections via ZOOM, which is free for the user and easy to download. 
  2. A live virtual class delivered via multiple remote connections. Each student and teacher will require their own device,  either a smart phone or a tablet or a computer. Each connection is centralised via a virtual classroom on Adobe Connect, which is free for the user and easy to download.
  3. A live virtual class delivered either to your class or via multiple remote connections that includes a digital drawing extension session. See above for requirements for each + an iPad, Procreate app and a stylus (optional)
04. Is there a limit on class size or attendance?

At this time there are no minimum number of students who can participate. For multiple remote connections (see above for offerings 2 and 3) the max number is one group is 22. However, if your class is larger than this we are happy to run two sessions if required.

05. How much does it cost?

We deliver this unit in either of the above formats at no cost to you thanks to the support of the Telstra Foundation’s Tech4Good program.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.